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Minaw Collective is an all-female street art collective. Its members, currently ranging at fifteen, are based all over Ireland.


The Minaw Collective is diverse mix of artists from all over the world, and their work together shows that wide cultural mix in a colourful, vibrant and positive way.


The name "Minaw" is a contemporary spin on the Irish word for woman - "mná" - spelling it phonetically to make it more accessible to the international members of the group.

The Minaw Collective celebrates equality, diversity and tolerance through the medium of street art.  The artists, each with their own individual professional practice, showcase their work together as an expression of empowerment among women artists.

The Minaw Collective is made up of:

Anna Doran - Dublin

Aru Sameli - Brazil/ Drogheda

Ches - U.S.A/ Dublin

Claire Prouvost - France/ Dublin

ESTR - Dublin

Friz - Sligo/ Belfast

Holly Pereira  - Singapore/ Dublin

Kin MX - Mexico/ Dublin

Klowi - Dublin

Lovely Letters - Meath/ Dublin

MyFanwyNia - Swansea/London/Leitrim

Novice - Dublin


Zurdie - Madrid/ Dublin

Zippy - Belfast

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